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I wanted to share more about FlexNet Networks LLC and our 11 years of business experience as an IT consulting firm. We love being in the IT service industry and we love our clients because of the dynamic opportunity they bring to us on a daily basis. Technology services are a fast pace and ever-changing market, we understand it’s not enough to have someone answer the phone or simply reply to an email for support, we have to deliver support through whatever means it takes.

We have grown up in the small to medium sized business market and it has opened the doors for our company to build partnerships with all sorts of industries. We've been given the opportunity to connect other cities in the United States with their corporate offices to incorporate a true secure collaboration experience and maintain security end to end.

We deliver on our support standard of 24/7 uptime and technology solutions that complement the workday, from employees working out of office at home, to office personnel in the office. Our solutions are geared to provide the necessary secure communications needed in your business to excel and meet your business goals.

Our favorite part of doing business is watching companies develop from a two or three employee office to hundreds of employees with multiple locations. Seeing the success of small businesses develop and grow encourages FlexNet Networks to keep its commitment to service and value as our top priority. Dedication to service, dedication to providing the best value, dedication to providing the best customer service, FlexNet Networks is the ideal technology partner for IT in your business.

We are excited for the opportunity to work with you and would be happy to provide you with all our resources. Give me a call or shoot over an email and see what a contract free relationship feels like!!

Tim Lambdin, President
Flexnet Networks LLC

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